More Eco-friendly Packaging for Sauce

Most of use at one point have looked into our kitchen drawers and found ketchup packets from our take-outs. When we order food, we usually try and ask for more than one just in case we need more. What we cannot use, we stuff in the cupboards.

Sauce sachets have been a way to enhance the quality our meals in a convenient way. The packaging for condiments like such uses plastic. With our present efforts to minimize environmental degradation, manufacturers have been thinking of ways to make the packaging more eco-friendly.

Here are some ideas on how sauce packaging can be made more environment-conscious:

1. Packets made of biodegradable materials.

Some manufacturing companies have recently been doing trial runs on sauce sachets made of plant-based materials. The idea is that this alternative packaging can be composted and lessen waste. The expiration of the sauces can go on for months. With this new packaging that can last up to 8 weeks, it may just be a good bargain if it means less plastic waste.

2. Edible Packaging.

Some companies have also been trying out packaging that can be eaten with the food or that can be mixed with food and not cause harm to our body systems. This has been tried out with teas most especially but people are looking into adapting it for condiments.

3. Recyclable containers.

The idea here is that if we cannot do away with plastic packaging, we should at least attempt to recycle them. The packets being used now are limited to one use only and cannot be reused for the same purpose. However, some have started to introduce new packaging such as dip cups so it is easier to recycle or even upcycle.

There are many things that made life more convenient for use but we should also keep on thinking of ways to maintain this and be kinder to our environment.